South African safari hunter killed by an elephant - Long life Karma!

Who says that God’s justice does not exist?

Apparently a group of paying hunting tourists led by Botha had opened fire against some elephant calves that were attacking them. An adult female had then lifted Botha with her trunk in the air.

Just imagine the scene! A scared to death Botha being swayed a couple of meters from earth by an angry elephant defending her offspring.

And then the unavoidable occurred - with the worst possible outcome for Botha.

A fellow hunter shot the female and not less than five tones of dead body mass fell onto poor Theunis Botha. Smashing him.

Normally we would not being jumping for joy over the death of someone (at least he is a serial killer or a brutal dictator) but I cannot hide a certain feeling of inner satisfaction after a friend of mine shared with me these unusual news yesterday during a pick nick in the park.

Our children were playing around, the skies were blue over our heads and we enjoyed the sun light gently touching our faces after the long winter. And Theunis Botha was dead. Killed by the same animal that had been previously shot sown by one of his hunting companions.

Do you think I am too cynical?

What is your opinion about hunting tourism in Africa?

Do you feel like you are burning inside when you read or hear about wealthy Westerners fulfilling their dreams of a life a la John Wayne in Hatari?

Or maybe you are indifferent to all this, give a damn about wild animals in Africa or are even supportive of the practice of hunting safaris?

Theunis Botha was the owner of a hunting safari company based in South Africa pioneer in hunting with dogs. They killed big predators as lions and leopards mainly.

Despite I find that regulated hunting safaris aiming for large, over breeding populations of herbivorous game can be up to a certain extend justified, I certainly cannot hide an obvious disgust for hunting parties targeting species whose whole numbers are generally declining (even if one certain species is particularly abundant to one specific country) just for the adrenaline of the moment.

I would love to hear your opinions about this controversial subject.

Greeting your from the bush


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